Technical information

Dear user,

please note that we recommend the following browsers in their current versions for full functionality of the live streaming system:

- Google Chrome
- Microsoft Edge

If you notice problems during the live stream, first check your local requirements or rather take the following measures:

- Are your login details correct? Please check the login details in your invitation.
- Is there a problem with your internet connection or is the download speed too slow?
- Is your browser up to date? If necessary, update to the current version.
- Restart your browser.
- Test the link in a different browser.
- If you do not hear any sound:
- - Does your computer have built-in speakers? Has the volume control been turned down or muted? ... or deactivated in the tab?

If you ruled out local problems, you can send us a message. Use the service e-mail address on the streaming page (only available during the live event). Many Thanks!

Your streaming team

Hektor + Rydzewski
Bild + Ton Produktion GmbH
Binterimstraße 19
40223 Düsseldorf

Chief Executive Officer: Torsten Hektor, Ulrich Rydzewski
District court Düsseldorf HRB 31607